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We have experts in the fields of: Money & Wealth, Human Design, Energetics, Body Image & Weight Loss, Relationships & Marriage, and SO. MUCH. MORE.

You will receive massive inspiration, motivation, shifts in your belief systems, and tangible skills you can bring into achieving your biggest dreams in 2023.

This is your time to open your heart and your mind to the possibilities.
Dream bank account
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Dream relationship
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Dream life…

All you have to do is Dream Big.

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Summit Host

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Nazie Spurrier

Licensed Trauma Psychotherapist | Dream Life + Multi Six Figure Manifestation Coach

Hi! I’m Nazie!

My mission is to help humans, just like you, create the life of their dreams. I’m passionate about empowering my clients to say no, set boundaries, ask for more money, and become in charge of their lives. Because you deserve the magical, limitless, and abundant first class life that you long for. As a licensed psychotherapist and coach for the past 16+ years, I’ve had the honor of guiding hundreds of souls into actualizing their true purpose on this earth and manifesting massive growth in all areas of their lives.

Career, business, love, money, whatever it is that your heart desires, I’ve got you. I create a space for my clients to clear out whatever it is that could be blocking them from bringing their flavor of magic into the world. As a vessel for radical self acceptance and radical self love and providing that for my clients it allows them to become a channel to achieve and bring forth whatever they were meant to bring into their lifetime.

I have extensive training and certifications in trauma and dissociative disorders and use expressive (art & other creative mediums), somatic (movement & breathwork based), and IFS/ “parts work” approaches in my work with clients. The mind, body, and spirit connection is at the heart of my work. These processes will show you exactly how to create the internal and external circumstances that you’ve always dreamed of, and you’ll realize it’s so much closer than you think!

Featured Speakers

Melissa Riccardi

Weight Loss Expert

Railey Molinario

Love Educator and Relationship Coach

Christy Avis

Human Design | Mindset | Alignment Coach



Alessandra Caprice

Breathwork + Business Expansion Coach



Lindsay Dam

Energy Healer and Money Mindset Coach